Deed Required When Shipping Goods

There are several types of deeds that are needed for a shipment of goods, including: Shipping Instruction (Sang), Packing List, Invoice and Airwaybill.

  1. Shipping Instruction (Sang) is a shipping order from the shipper of the goods in a freight forwarder industry. This is an indicator of the formation of a business. In the deed of loading, among others: nickname + purpose of sender, nickname + destination of acceptor, explanation of object, and number of objects.
  2. Packing List is a deed that contains data on the story of delivery objects containing the type of object, the weight of the object, the dimensions, and the number of objects.
  3. Invoice is a deed that contains data on delivery objects, generally containing the price of objects.
  4. Airwaybill is a line message held by the delivery service delivery service facilitation industry. The information on the Airwaybill includes the name + destination of the sender, nickname + destination of the acceptor, the number and weight of the object, coinciding with the business, the sender’s signature, and the service provider.

ship agency ~ The deed must be present for each shipment, especially for parcels or non-deeds. Moreover, there are also special types of delivery that require bonus deeds such as photocopies of valuable messages (such as SIUP, NPWP, land deeds, etc.) MSDS (for objects classified as solvents or hazardous chemical factors).

Fumigation Deed (for objects that start from the frame), Quarantine Deed (for fruit delivery), POM Deed (for food items), and other documents needed according to the type of object to be sent.

And generally all of the above deeds are used for shipping abroad and in bulk (cargo). This means that the deed above is to make it easier for you to send your deed or package out of the country. For that, complete the deed above for relief in your delivery.